Create a ROPE address
This guide takes you through how to set up and create a new ROPE address.
Navigate to your Solana wallet. In this guide, we will use Sollet,
Your wallet will need an amount of SOL to create the ROPE address, typically between 0.0021 and 0.004 SOL. We recommend that your wallet has at least 0.01 SOL in it, especially if it's a newly created wallet.
Select the + button ("Add Token").
Select the "MANUAL INPUT" tab.
Enter the ROPE token details:
    Token mint address: 8PMHT4swUMtBzgHnh5U564N5sjPSiUz2cjEQzFnnP1Fo
    Token name: ROPE
    Token symbol: ROPE
Click "ADD". Once your transaction is confirmed, you will see your ROPE address within Sollet.
You have successfully created a ROPE account and address.
If you have any issues creating an account, check you have:
    enough SOL in your SOL account
    entered the correct Token Mint Address for ROPE
Last modified 5mo ago
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