This page gives an overview of ROPE LP and voting.

Liquidity Provisioning

You can stake your ROPE and USDC in the ROPE/USDC LP (liquidity pool). We have provided a guide explaining how to add to the liquidity pool.
In doing so, you will receive ROPE-USDC LP tokens. These tokens represent your share of liquidity in the ROPE/USDC LP. By holding these tokens, you earn a small fee for providing liquidity.
You must read and understand the risk of Impermanent Loss (IL) before providing liquidity.
We are working on allowing users to stake their ROPE-USDC LP tokens to earn ROPE directly using Raydium's Fusion pools.


Holding ROPE allows you to vote on proposals in the ROPE ecosystem. A web UI will be developed to allow users to easily vote on proposals.
ROPE holders will be able to
    Vote to change ROPEV leverage
    Vote to change ROPEV fees
    Vote to change ROPEV opening position deposit size
    Vote to change ROPEV liquidation position deposit minimum level
    Vote on changes to data source and aggregation protocol
    Vote on ROPEV trading platform changes and enhancements
    Share platform fees for ROPEV trading
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