Add liquidity to ROPE/USDC LP
This guide takes you through how to add liquidity to the ROPE/USDC Orca Liquidity Pool.
This guide assumes you have created a ROPE address, you have funded your SOL and ROPE addresses.
Navigate to and connect your Solana wallet (such as Sollet) to Orca.
You may need to approve the connection. A second window will appear, click "CONNECT".
You will now see your wallet connected to Orca. Select the "Pools" tab.
Locate the ROPE/SOL pool and click the "Deposit" button.
Enter the amount of ROPE and SOL tokens you would like to provide as liquidity. Select the checkbox and click the "Deposit" button.
Approve the transaction in the second window by clicking "APPROVE".
You can now see your LP token balances on the Orca pools page.
Here you can see an overview of the pool. You also have the ability to remove your liquidity at any time.
You have successfully added liquidity to the ROPE/USDC LP 🥳
Last modified 6mo ago
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